A Platform For Digital Parking Lot Services

A Platform For Digital Parking Lot Services

In Germany, parking search traffic generates costs of 40 billion euros annually.1 A desire for more usable space and fewer traffic in cities is growing strongly among the population. At an equivalent time, many drivers hesitate to drive into car parks because the method offers little customer convenience and therefore the cost structure is typically intransparent. Currently, traditional suppliers offer only a couple of options to unravel those problems of parking lot operators. the thought for trive.park emerged to digitize car parks. trive.park may be a data and payment platform for car park system – especially as an answer for car parks with conventional barrier systems.

The trive.park app was developed by trive.me – a brand of EDAG Group. The app offers the likelihood of booking parking spaces beforehand at asking price , a variety of various tickets is out there . The user can control the barrier opening, the payment process is simplified and contactless. The user doesn’t got to pay at the terminal or look for coins. additionally , the payment process are often completed directly within the app, and various payment services like mastercard or Google Pay are often used.

A unique function of our system is that the barrier opening via Bluetooth. It offers an easy solution for digitizing parking services altogether car parks with digital door lock. For this purpose, the barrier is provided with our “Smart-Barrier” hardware kit, which is compatible with barrier systems from various manufacturers and converts each barrier into an IoT device. So far, our technology is integrated in car parks in Munich, Berlin, Fürth and Augsburg.

In addition to the app, trive.me has also developed a dashboard for parking lot operators to simplify the management of parking offers and individual car parks. the info generated within the barrier are transmitted in real time to the web dashboard.

Functions of our dashboard for parking lot operators:
-Reporting and analysis in real time
-Overview of barrier openings
-Create and manage offers and tickets
-View booked tickets

It is important for trive.me to supply parking lot operators maximum transparency. Therefore, we make every single barrier opening available online. additionally , the built-in filter and search functions allow to quickly and specifically display selected barrier openings. for instance , it’s possible to filter the display consistent with specific time periods, car parks or differing types of barrier openings (e.g. trive.park app opening, manual supplement, paper ticket, other 3rd party service, …).

Parking management has got to be an integral a part of the Smart City mobility ecosystem, which is currently created. Drivers want to consider the essentials, namely the upcoming meeting, concert or an easy shopping trip – experiences which will be ruined by an uncomfortable mobility experience.

With the help of the software stack, trive.me can create an alternative operating system for the parking lot to make it a Mobility Hub. Using the app, drivers can easily find an offer in their area, select the only offer, and then conveniently book and pay at home or on the road. There is no need to pick up a ticket, and users can get complete price transparency and a summary of available parking spaces.

Since the entire user journey has been displayed digitally, trive.me has made a new breakthrough. The idea is to integrate parking spaces into the overall environment of “mobility”. Therefore, new business cases such as charging services or cleaning and maintenance work are often tested and implemented.

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